Question. Tks a lot.

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  1. AzoresPT

    AzoresPT Elpy

    Hello, I’m sorry but I cant understand the Russian server ... BUT: I just cant find any x1 c4 like this. It seems my questions are:
    1-Can i play server with english patch version?
    2-how many box allowed?
    3- thered any wat to pay to win? (Treadable coins, donnate items? :( )
    4- many bots?

    Tks a lot.

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    Azores - Portugal
  2. Support

    Support Administrative

    1) We can help you with create Eng patch but NPC dialogues will remain in Russian.
    2) Box (Rune exp +200% 5 hours) = 120 Rub = 1,63 Eur. CoL = 0,54 Eur
    3) No, You can play comfortably without donations.
    4) The server is protected from third-party software.

    P.S. There are probably English-speaking players on the server, they can help with adaptation.
  3. Valmont

    Valmont Elpy

    Hello, welcome to real C4 LA2 server. Here you can try to play. I think if you played before this game you won't get a trouble. If something text here. Feel free:Smile: and bring your friends.
    There is a some start bonus. Read here
  4. AzoresPT

    AzoresPT Elpy

    tks a lot for fast answer, i'll try now launch the game.
    Yes i played before..many times :D
    just one thing i didnt understood correct: dualbox is allowded? tks
  5. Valmont

    Valmont Elpy

    You mean play with 2 window? Yes you can run more than two
  6. Squ

    Squ Hobgoblin

    Запустить можно несколько, но работать будет одна.
  7. Squ

    Squ Hobgoblin

    Думаю, он имеет в виду руны на опыт.