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Новые сервера л2, анонсы серверов Lineage 2'
Writing history since 2018!
Stable Classic Server Lineage 2 C4!
New Era is a unique game project.
Its stability, reliability and high-quality support is something that does not leave true connoisseurs of L2 C4 indifferent from year to year.
Our Lineage 2 C4 server was opened on 09.02.2018.
Throughout the life of the project, we are actively working in the main directions:
- Stable economy, thanks to which new players can easily buy all the valuable things on the market, and in-game items retain their value for years.
- Regular advertising campaigns designed to attract new players and keep active among those who are already conquering the La2Era universe.
- Technical support and in-game updates that allow you to solve even the most unusual problems.
- Unique author`s events that not only bring a bit of variety to the gameplay, but also pleasantly surprise with their diversity and valuable awards.

And of course the most important thing for the La2Era team is consistency and reliability. All your achievements and characters will be carefully preserved by us for many years to come.
The amazing and exciting world of New Era is already waiting for you!
символ Lineage 2
Platform: PTS
символ Lineage 2
Spoil: chance х1
символ Lineage 2
Exp/SP: x1
символ Lineage 2
RB exp/sp: x1
символ Lineage 2
Adena: x1
символ Lineage 2
RB drop: chance х1
символ Lineage 2
SealStone: х1 (count)
символ Lineage 2
Epic: x1
символ Lineage 2
Drop: chance х1
символ Lineage 2
Quest: x1

  1. The duration of the Snowman buff has been increased to 1 minute
  2. Fixed an offline trading error where the number of items sold and purchased was not saved when restarting
  3. Now you can't catch a deer if you already have another deer in your inventory
  4. Items have been removed from the Halloween event
  5. Partially redesigned TvT Shop Mine:
  • Now you can buy a raccoon 25 lvl from NPC Mine
  • For 3 Event Coin, you can purchase a club card for a day
  • The duration of painting the nickname and title has been changed by 1 month
  • Changed the price of Event Coin per CoL (1 CoL = 25 Event Coin)
  • QHP added
  • Added underwear for weight and slots
  • Some of the items were removed from the store