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Server description Lineage 2 C4 New Era
Launched on: 9 February 2018
Server time: +3 UTC
Platform: С4 PTS

New Era is a classic game world designed for long-term gameplay. Easy start, balanced rate and many different improvements will help players to plunge into the warm feeling of playing on a truly old-school Chronicles Lineage II - "Scions of Destiny".

Bonuses for beginning players


All starting bonuses players will receive in stages after reaching a certain level.
Important! If you do not accept a gift during 2 levels, the bonus system for the character will be disabled. Do not ignore the bonuses issue.

  • Level 1-Rune 100% exp/sp/drop/spoil (24 hours), soulshots, spiritshots
  • Level 9-set of NG armor (7 days)
  • Level 19-sets D grade (magicians-Knowledge top and bottom, warriors-Mithril jacket and pants for 14 days), as well as a supply of D soulshots/spiritshots
  • Level 30-Rune +50% drop/spoil (24 hours) and stock D soulshots/spiritshots
  • Level 40 - Rune +100% drop/spoil (24 hours) and stock with soulshots/spiritshots
  • C middle weapons added to the "weapons for beginners".
  • Buff for beginners is available up to level 40 inclusive.
  • Teleport for beginners is available up to level 40.
  • Guides for beginners added in Dion, Giran, and MDT.
Getting game help


For offline trading open the trading shop and leave the game. Requires 10000 adena. Duration of offline trading: 3 days.
With the help of the command .menu you can:
  • Get information about the RB status
  • Get information about bonuses
  • PvP/PK statistics
  • Protect your account with hwid
  • Register for the TvT tournament
  • Enable Shift + click. When you click on a mob with shift enabled, information about the drop/spoil appears. Also the information about drop and spoil is available in the description of mob skills when targeting.

In Alt + X a "Help" is available, where you will find:

  • Tasks for changing your profession
  • General tasks
  • Note on weapons and equipment
  • Available commands and keyboard shortcuts
Technical work


A period has been set for scheduled server restarts, during which updates and adjustments will be made or preventive maintenance will be performed

Weekly on Mondays, 11:00 Moscow time.

During this period it is not recommended to plan important events and use experience runes.
After a weekly restart it is advisable to update the game client.
All information about current work and updates can be found in the relevant sections of the forum.


  • Added more Clan Halls in Oren, Heine, Hunter, and Rune
  • Wedding between the characters is available
  • Added a PvP platform in Ketra for conducting contractual battles between clans. Installed NPC for HP/CP recovery
  • Increased the strength of siege flags, crystals, and castle gates
  • Clan size increased to 120 people
  • Rheumatism and Flu have been added to Hot Springs. Debuff Cholera removed from the skills of most mobs.
  • Removed the ability to capture enemies using the /target command (including using macros)
  • Added automatic TvT event
  • Mana Potion craft is available in castles
  • Added the function of granting privileges to use the clan warehouse.
  • A player who has the privilege can pick up items from the clan warehouse.
  • This privilege can only be granted by the clan leader, using commands:
    • .cwh_add - adds the player to the list
    • .cwh_del - removes a player from the list
    • .cwh_list - view players who have access to the clan treasury

  • Standard period of the olympic fights.
  • The sharpening limit to all is set +5
  • For a draw both participants in the fight lose 1/3 points
  • When relog during the countdown for teleportation to the olympic stadium, the player loses 1/3 points
  • All skills are rolled back after the end of the battle
RB and Epic Bosses

  • Added a new RB Astaroth, whose respawn begins after the announcement in the game world and lasts 40 minutes.
  • Remade the location of Zaken. At 23:40 in game time the NPC Barbossa appears and sends players to the ship.
  • The Ant Queen respawn zone is not available for high-level players (players above level 46 receive an anchor).
  • On a long relog (more than 10 minutes) in the Ant Nest zone the character is sent to the city.
  • Chance of dropping Epic jewelry (Baium, Valakas, Antharas) - 70%.
  • Remade the lair of Valakas. After teleporting from the heart, the characters are immediately in the lair.
  • A relog with a maximum duration of 5 minutes is available in Valakas ' lair.


You can get the information about marriage at NPC Pythia which is located in Giran city at the entrance to the main temple.
For the wedding ceremony you will need: 15,000,000 adena and a wedding dress.
For getting divorced you can use the command .divorce
Discussion of weddings is in a separate topic of the forum.

TvT event

TVT Schedule:

for players of 61-75 levels
18:00 " Death Match"
18:30 "Last Team Standing"
for players of 76-78 levels
18:00 "Death Match"
18:30 "Last Team Standing"

Regular events
  • Choice of the heart
  • Lucy's pranks
  • Hunting for sweets
  • L2 Day "Letters"
  • Brilliant medals
  • Halloween pranks
  • Santa's gifts
Growing Pets

The update made by numerous requests from players. Full-fledged growing pets-helpers. More information is on the forum topic.

"Test" server

Our test server is available for any player. If you are in doubt about which character to choose to play on x1 or want to test the game mechanics, you can always register an account for the "Test" server and conduct all the necessary tests.
This server is also used for contractual fights between clans in the "Equal conditions" format.
More information can be found on the special forum topic.

Services and donations

We encourage those who voluntarily help the server develop become better and more interesting.
Use the payment form in your personal account and choose a convenient donation method.

The rate for 1 Coin of Luck is 40 rubles.
Coin of Luck cannot be passed.​

Miss Queen


Shop for supplies and character development. Located in every city.​



Shop-fitting room of accessories (Accessory Shop in Aden and Giran)​



Improving weapons and equipment (Blacksmith Shop, in Aden and Gdd)​



Items insurance (Ivory Tower, 1st Floor).
More information about the service is on a separate forum topic.

Available in your Personal Account:

• Changing your nickname
• Changing the clan name
• Changing your game account​

You can read about additional services in a special topic.

If you have any problems, please contact Technical Support via your Personal account.
The server administration is always open to dialogue with players. You can leave all your suggestions for improving the project both via forum and ticket.

Thank you for being with us! Enjoy the game!