Era X1
Online: 1902
[Lineage 2 C4] Event Santa's Gifts
Everyone knows that New Year is a fabulous holiday in which hopes and dreams come true.
In the world of New Era, the New Year's bustle is in full swing. A real Santa will visit the players and bring not only a good mood, but also valuable gifts!!
At nightfall, Santa's Magic Sled will appear in the game world.
Santa Claus will visit all Elmoraden cities and hide gifts. Remember, the most valuable gifts are the hardest to find!
List of awards:
  • Scrolls for improving armor and weapons
  • Soul Crystall in various colors and levels
  • Mana Potion and Mana Drug
  • Quick healing potion
  • Buff potion
  • Rune Exp / Sp
All players will have the opportunity to tame reindeer from the team. To do this, you need to find the escaped Cupid, Dasher and Rudolph and catch them. The fugitives are hiding in cities such as Aden, Giran and Gludin.
For small rewards, reindeer can be returned to Santa. For information on the location of Santa, talk to Santa Trainee in the cities. He will give you a map, as well as a hint when exactly to look for Santa.
In return, players will receive:
 Santa's helper hats
 Rune exp/sp/drop/spoil  50-100%
Also, on the eve of the holiday holidays, Santa's helpers visited the cities of Elmoraden!
Santa Trainee and Santa's Girl will tell you how to get a real New Year's outfit and dress up a Christmas tree.
Monsters all over the world will start to drop:
 Star Ornaments
 Bead Ornaments
 Fir Tree Branches
 Flower Pot
Exchange items for a Christmas Tree and get special rewards:
 New Year costume
 Santa Horned Hat
 Santa hat
 Rudolph's nose
Christmas hats