Era X1
Online: 1947
Writing history since 2018!
Stable Classic Server Lineage 2 C4!
The very Lineage 2 C4 that united an army of fans back in 2006. The main feature of our game world is not only a new approach to the implementation of the game. Here you are a real L2 C4, seasoned with modern innovations.
Balanced Olympiad, starting bonuses, difficult production of epics, regular copyright events and a principled war between clans and alliances.
You will learn all this by starting out loud on the Lineage 2 C4 - New Era server.
Conquer one of the most difficult L2 C4 projects on the Runet and find out what you are capable of! MORE DESCRIPTION
символ Lineage 2
Platform: PTS
символ Lineage 2
Spoil: chance х1
символ Lineage 2
Exp/SP: x1
символ Lineage 2
RB exp/sp: x1
символ Lineage 2
Adena: x1
символ Lineage 2
RB drop: chance х1
символ Lineage 2
SealStone: х1 (count)
символ Lineage 2
Epic: x1
символ Lineage 2
Drop: chance х1
символ Lineage 2
Quest: x1
Files for the game
Size: 3.1 Gb

Pure Lineage 2 C4 client.

New Era Patch
Size: 1.04 Gb

The official patch of our server.

New Era Updater
Size: 1.8 Mb

An updater that makes it easy to download all files at once or update the client after updates.

Archive password: newera

No Sleep Patch
Size: 1.8 Mb

The patch prevents inactive windows from falling asleep. Permanent active windows increase the load on the system, but increase the speed of switching between them.

Multi-colored weapons
Size: 2 Kb

A patch that gives each enchantment level an individual color. By default, we have a patch installed for the classic weapon glow. Install it in the system folder.

Standard type of armor
Size: 119 Kb

Patch for the classic (for C4) type of clothing.

Displaying a character's nickname in the title bar of the game window
Size: 20 Kb

Install to the System folder.

Resurrection/Frenzy/Ultimate Defence/Ultimate Evasion Patch
Size: 4 Mb

Displays the duration of skills in the form of an icon above the character's nickname, more details.

Custom interface
Size: 134.1 Mb

A patch that changes the game's interface. (Adaptation and modification for C4 from the player under the nickname Why with our modifications).