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Stable Classic Server Lineage 2 C4!
Hardcore MMORPG for Lineage Classic lovers. Here you will find many elements now lost by the genre. Addictive gameplay with challenging experience and death penalty. A player-driven economy, as well as hot battles between clans and alliances are already waiting for you in the world of New Era. Find out what you are really capable of! MORE DESCRIPTION
Platform: PTS
Spoil: chance х1
Exp/SP: x1
RB exp/sp: x1
Adena: x1
RB drop: chance х1
SealStone: х1 (count)
Epic: x1
Drop: chance х1
Quest: x1
Files for the game
Size: 3.1 Gb

Pure Lineage 2 C4 client.

New Era Patch
Size: 1.04 Gb

The official patch of our server.

New Era Updater
Size: 1.8 Mb

An updater that makes it easy to download all files at once or update the client after updates.

Archive password: newera

No Sleep Patch
Size: 1.8 Mb

The patch prevents inactive windows from falling asleep. Permanent active windows increase the load on the system, but increase the speed of switching between them.

Multi-colored weapons
Size: 2 Kb

A patch that gives each enchantment level an individual color. By default, we have a patch installed for the classic weapon glow. Install it in the system folder.

Standard type of armor
Size: 119 Kb

Patch for the classic (for C4) type of clothing.

Displaying a character's nickname in the title bar of the game window
Size: 20 Kb

Install to the System folder.

Resurrection/Frenzy/Ultimate Defence/Ultimate Evasion Patch
Size: 4 Mb

Displays the duration of skills in the form of an icon above the character's nickname, more details.

Custom interface
Size: 134.1 Mb

A patch that changes the game's interface. (Adaptation and modification for C4 from the player under the nickname Why with our modifications).