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What is Lineage 2?
world History
Races and classes
character Development
Clan wars
Lineage 2 is a legendary MMORPG from NCSoft. Today, NCSoft has a solid reputation and stands out for the stable quality of games created in all genres. However, the beginning of its popularity is due to the "Lineage" branch, the first part of which is still incredibly popular in Korea, while the second part keeps fans both in the CIS and in the West. The reasons for the popularity of the "Line" were:

Extreme simplicity and convenience of the gameplay. Even a novice user can play L2. Third-person or first-person control is available, and the keyboard and mouse will be enough for the game.
Absolute freedom in battles. In L2, there are no divisions into fractions, so you can kill anyone you want and can. The exception will be large settlements. However, it is worth considering that vandalize will not work, and the story will always be punished.
Amazing scope of battles. The value of bosses and castles is so huge that hundreds of players are ready to face each other in the battle for them, creating many sides that will make the battle even more exciting.
public Access. Despite the good quality, the game in Lineage can afford the owners of all computers. Enough loyal system requirements will allow you to enjoy the game to the full.

Many have tried to repeat the success of Lineage 2, creating games on current engines with colorful graphics, but the line is still a focus of everything that a connoisseur of grindaand PvP can want from MMORPG. The genre of fantasy-MMORPG reveals itself in full, which means that everyone will find something really worthwhile here.

The events of a long time ago: the discord of the gods, the creation of the universe, the birth of races-came down to descendants only in the form of fragments of sagas.
The gameplay takes place in the already established world of Lineage 2. Except for the wars of the inhabitants, nothing can shake the continent.
The legend, built by a mysterious poet, formed the basis of the history Elmoreden.
The continent of Aden was divided into the southern (Aden Kingdom) and Northern (Elmore Kingdom) kingdoms.
With the advent of updates, the world is growing and developing. Border Outposts define the border between kingdoms.
The capital of the southern Kingdom is Aden, and the Northern Kingdom is Rune.
Originally, the territories of Elmore were located on another continent, but with the development of the game, it was joined to the Northern lands of Aden.
The continents are inhabited by representatives of races created by the children of Einhasad, the goddess of creation-Shilen, Paagrio, Mafr, and Gren Cain - the God of destruction.

a Player can join any race. Initially, the user can access almost any of the locations of the Queens. The exception will be: the courtyards of castles, halls of clans and abodes of the strongest bosses, as well as the so-called fault zones. Fault zones are available to groups of players for limited periods of time.

People - are considered the most balanced race, whose disadvantages balance the advantages.

Elves are fast as the wind in everything from running to casting spells. Although their attacks are weak, this is compensated by the frequency of the strike. Possess high magical protection.

Orcs - have remarkable health and physical strength, as well as rapid recovery. Unfortunately, their weak point was slowness.

Dark elves - differ from Light Ones in that they do not attach much importance to the speed of attacks, replacing them with force. They have the highest magic and physical attack rate.

Dwarves are artisans whose goal is to enrich themselves. A high health score and the ability to create items became their calling>

anyway, representatives of all races are divided into classes depending on their skills and abilities.

Warriors: Dextror, Gladiator, Tyrant, Warlord, Bounty Hunter, Warsmith.
Knights: Paladin, Shillian Knight, Dark Avenger, Temple Knight.
Robbers: Plains Walker, Tgeasige Hunterr, Abyss Walker.
Archers: Hawkeye, Phantom Ranger, Silver Ranger.
Battle mages: Bogsegeg, Spellhowler, Spellsinger, Necromancer.
Summoners: Elеmental Emopig, Warlосk, Phаntom Immig.
Healers: Vishor, Elven Elder, Shillien Elder.
support Wizards: Overlord, Warcryr, Prophet.
support Warriors: Swordsinger,>

Weapons - the most important item of equipment. If you are an Archer, then get a bow, and if you choose the path of a robber, you should think about purchasing a good dagger. Of course, you can use any type of weapon, but you should pay more attention to your passive skills if you want to see the maximum effect. Some skills are used only with one type of weapon, for example, you need to dance duals.

Armor - performs a protective function and is divided into several types. Magic classes prefer robes, light armor is necessary for owners of bows, daggers and brass knuckles, and heavy armor is worth dressing in if you are a warrior who needs strong armor. Armor can be collected in sets, which together will give additional bonuses.

costume Jewelry - will improve your magic protection. The complete set will consist of 2 rings, 2 earrings and a necklace. There is also an epic costume jewelry that can only be obtained by killing Epic Bosses. In addition to magic protection, it adds bonuses to the character's characteristics.

All types of equipment are divided into ranks, which determine the minimum character level at which you can use the item.

No Grade - level 1
D Grade - level 20
C grade - level 40
B grade - 52 level
A grade - 61 levels
S grade - 76 level

The higher the item's rank, the harder it will be to get it. The lower ranks are available in stores, but if you want to get something from the higher ranks, you will have to spend time collecting resources and searching for a suitable blacksmith.

An important factor in character development is the extraction of experience. Experience points can be obtained by killing monsters or completing special tasks. When you level up, the character can learn new skills,as well as access to higher ranks of equipment. It is most effective to "pump" your character in a group with other players. Character development is divided into several important stages:

First Profession- Quest becomes available at level 19, getting-at 20.
Second Profession- Quest becomes available at level 35, getting-at 40.
Third Profession - Pass the quest and get it at level 76.                         

Subclass and nobility - at level 75, your character will be given the opportunity to get an additional class. To get the task, talk to Reorin near Oren. When your subclass reaches level 75, you can become a nobleman and take part in the great Olympiad.
The main method of gaining experience is to kill mobs and RAID Bosses. The most popular locations for farm mobs are catacombs and necropolises. In order to get there you need to check the Dusk or Dawn Priest's.
RAID Bosses - monsters that are recommended to be killed by a group. They have high life rates and good protection. When you kill them, you can get not only a large amount of experience, but also valuable items. To get information about the location of the Boss, you need to talk to the Adventurer in one of the cities.
To avoid a penalty on experience, it is recommended to kill only those monsters that match your level.
to reach new heights, players need to join clans. Clans, in turn, can form alliances. The clan war system allows you to declare war on any clan that has more than 15 members. If the enemy accepts the war challenge, you will be allowed to kill members of the opposing clan without receiving any penalties.

depending on the level, clans receive special privileges

0 Lvl - clan chat
1 Lvl - clan storage
2 Lvl - ability to purchase a clan abode
3 lvl - emblem, clan wars, titles, joining the Union Alliance
4 Lvl - participation in sieges
5 Lvl - creating an Alliance

Trips to epics - the most attractive and popular event for most Lineage 2 clans, which allows you to purchase not only useful epic jewelry, but also take part in exciting battles. The appearance of epic bosses occurs in a certain period of time and often requires the passage of special quests.

Sieges of castles and monasteries - require pre-registration and are held once every 2 weeks. In case of victory, the team acquires not only real estate, but also the ability to set a tax and manage farmlands.