Era X1
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Новые сервера л2, анонсы серверов Lineage 2'
Writing history since 2018!
Stable Classic Server Lineage 2 C4!
The very Lineage 2 C4 that united an army of fans back in 2006. The main feature of our game world is not only a new approach to the implementation of the game. Here you are a real L2 C4, seasoned with modern innovations.
Balanced Olympiad, starting bonuses, difficult production of epics, regular copyright events and a principled war between clans and alliances.
You will learn all this by starting out loud on the Lineage 2 C4 - New Era server.
Conquer one of the most difficult L2 C4 projects on the Runet and find out what you are capable of! SERVER DESCRIPTION
символ Lineage 2
Platform: PTS
символ Lineage 2
Spoil: chance х1
символ Lineage 2
Exp/SP: x1
символ Lineage 2
RB exp/sp: x1
символ Lineage 2
Adena: x1
символ Lineage 2
RB drop: chance х1
символ Lineage 2
SealStone: х1 (count)
символ Lineage 2
Epic: x1
символ Lineage 2
Drop: chance х1
символ Lineage 2
Quest: x1

  1. The duration of the Snowman buff has been increased to 1 minute
  2. Fixed an offline trading error where the number of items sold and purchased was not saved when restarting
  3. Now you can't catch a deer if you already have another deer in your inventory
  4. Items have been removed from the Halloween event
  5. Partially redesigned TvT Shop Mine:
  • Now you can buy a raccoon 25 lvl from NPC Mine
  • For 3 Event Coin, you can purchase a club card for a day
  • The duration of painting the nickname and title has been changed by 1 month
  • Changed the price of Event Coin per CoL (1 CoL = 25 Event Coin)
  • QHP added
  • Added underwear for weight and slots
  • Some of the items were removed from the store